Children and Young People

Safety Work in Schools.

We have been working in schools across Brighton and Hove teaching children simple personal safety skills based on the Protective Behaviours Safety Awareness Programme, which can be used to help children to think about bullying and abuse prevention as well as other safety issues.  We teach children how to recognise when they feel unsafe, think about who they can talk to and strategies to use to keep themselves safer.  These sessions have been delivered through assemblies and whole class activities.   All of our work in schools is complementary to PSHE and SEAL curriculum materials. Schools can go to our Training page for more details.

Talking to Children  about Safety in their communities.

We work with children aged 8 – 13 to find out what they think about safety in their neighbourhoods and how it could be improved to help children  feel safer. Children are involved through our Safety Squads which have been funded by the Big Lottery.

Worried about Bullying?

We work with local primary schools on a bullying prevention programme called Playground Buddies which helps to keep children feeling safer at school.  We  also run SNAP (Safety Net Assertiveness Programme) groups to help children who have been affected by bullying or need support with building their confidence and self-esteem.  For lots of useful web-sites go to our online resources section

Children have a say too

We run a Peer support forum to bring together children who are involved in our different programmes of work. We are also working with children to develop a Children’s Board which will help to advise and direct our organisation. Visit our children’s web-site at