Children and Young People

We work with children and young people aged 8 – 16 who live or go to school in the Brighton & Hove area.   We offer support for a variety of issues to primary and secondary schools and in the community, for example we’ve worked with children who are home educated, MEND, after school clubs, OASIS, Young Carers Project, Mosaic, and Extratime. Sessions are delivered using art, games, role play, discussion and conversation, film and photography, comics and music.

Feeling Good Feeling Safe - Vert Woods

Feeling Good Feeling Safe – Vert Woods

We offer support to children and young people who:

are vulnerable


have experienced bullying

have low self-esteem or confidence

have difficulties with peer relationships

have difficulties with emotional regulation

have experienced issues with online safety

have a lack awareness of consequences

feel unsafe in their community or school

want to have a say

need to learn more about who to talk to and their safe network

would benefit from learning life skills about assertiveness

are making the transition to secondary school

would like to learn more about keeping themselves safe.

We offer SNAP Primary and Secondary, SNAP-ITS, Playground Buddy and Peer Mediators training, Personal Safety Sessions, Transition Support, Feeling Good Feeling Safe for parents and children, Safe Journeys to School and Online Safety Sessions.

Children and parents can visit the website which has lots of top tips and fun things to do.