Participation with Children & Young People

As an organisation we believe that in order to deliver the best possible services for children and young people we need to actively seek their views and include them in our work. Examples of our participation work with children and young people have included large scale consultations with children and young people about community safety which have been fed back to key professionals within the local council and police.  In addition we facilitate steering groups for children and young people to discuss their priorities in keeping safe and support us in creating and designing resources and workshops aimed at them and their peers.

Children have been involved with interviews of new members of staff, creating resources about online safety, videos about the key messages of Protective Behaviours, designing the images used in our Safety Rocks campaign which can be seen in our calendar (2013) and across the city on junction boxes. Playground Buddies meet quarterly to discuss the content of their newsletter.

Brighton & Hove council have funded us to deliver a Safe Journeys package to children in year 6.  This includes establishing a marketing team of children that decide how to represent the key messages from the programme to their peers; this has included the creation of a rap, graffiti artwork, and a film.

We have also worked with other organisations such as the Young Carers’ Project, Young Oasis, Family Shape Up and Playground Buddies at Somerhill Jnrs through our Young Inspectors programme.  This involved training young people in children’s rights and how they could encourage a service provider to have a more participatory approach to their service.

Please contact for more information about participation work with children and young people.

Over 200 children helped us develop a children’s web-site. Please visit our children’s web-site at

Safety Net in the Community

Safety Net in the Community