Safety Squads

Playground Buddies from Emma Lacey on Vimeo.

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Playground Buddies from Emma Lacey on Vimeo.

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Our Safety Squads are made up of children aged 8 – 13 from around the city who get involved to tell us what needs to change to help them  feel safer and more involved in their schools and community.

‘Safety Squad’ members can get involved in a number of projects which have included:

  • doing surveys on safety issues to find out what other children and young people think
  • children at St Marks have produced a personal safety booklet for other children at St Marks
  • students at Longhill have worked to make travel on school buses safer.
  • children at Bevendean fundraised to buy new equipment for their local park
  • have taken part in training programmes for adults.
  • children and young people have made a range of short films about safety which you can watch at


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