SQP Simple Quality Protects scheme

Want to prove that your organisation or group is a ‘safe’ organisation to work with children or young people? Want to be ‘contract ready’ and in a position to go for more funding and grants?

We can support your group to go through a Quality Assurance  scheme specific to Brighton & Hove called Simple Quality Protects (SQP) – it is simple, easy to follow and is supported every step of the way by our Development Officer, Lisa Matthew. You can work towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold award for your organisation’s safeguarding practices and policies & procedures. Where there are gaps Lisa can support you to develop good, working policies so that you can build a solid, high standard portfolio to use for building your activities, winning commissions and contracts and being eligible for funding.

Read more about SQP  and listen to views from small groups and commissioners

LSCB and LADO visit August 2014

We were pleased to host Graham Bartlett Independent LSCB chair and Darrel Clews LADO to discuss the work that Safety Net have been carrying out with local voluntary sector organisations using SQP

L to R: Terri Fletcher (Safety Net Director), Darrel Clews, Graham Bartlett, Lisa Matthew (Safeguarding Development Worker Safety Net)

For the next Getting Started Bronze workshop contact lisa.matthew@safety-net.org.uk for further information or call 01273 420973

SQP Logo

“The SQP programme has been a very useful tool to aid us in improving our standards and streamlining our projects. Running a project is clearly about the people we serve and all our work and effort can, quite rightly, go into the helping our service users but good structure and organisation behind the scenes really matters and can make a huge difference to everyone”            One Youth Brighton

What we’ve found

From meeting regularly with groups signed up to the scheme they’ve told us that they are experiencing the following benefits:

  • Ability to create a solid staff & volunteer induction list
  • Clarity about who needs a DBS and why
  • Being able to verify the safety of their work to other members of the community
  • A better understanding of Risk Assessments
  • Being able to show their safe practices to funders and partners
  • Improved organisation of policies – “They are now all in one place”
  • Having the support to change and develop policies
  • Feeling relieved that they are doing everything ‘right’
  • Having the opportunity to help us to create new training courses