How to Apply

The recruiting organisation should put in place practical actions before recruitment, during recruitment and at employment contract stage at the same time as applying for DBS Disclosure.

This includes deciding the Levels of Disclosure required.

  • The organisation to sign an agreement to abide by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Code of Practice.
  • Safety Net will send application forms and Document Checklist  for the applicants to complete.
  • The completed application form, together with the original documents to prove identity, should be shown to an evidence checker
  • The lead person will send the completed application form, the signed document checklist and photocopies of all documents seen to Safety Net.
  • The completed applications will be checked and countersigned at Safety Net before being sent to the DBS for processing.
  • An invoice will be sent to the recruiting organisation for the DBS Disclosure and administration fees.
  • The DBS will validate the identity of the applicant and access government and police records to produce the Disclosure certificate.
  • The DBS will send a Disclosure certificate to the applicant direct.  The applicant shows the certificate to the recruiting organisation.

It must not be recorded on a personnel file that a Disclosure certificate was clear or had positive information. The certificate number and date issued may be recorded.

Guidance to Deal with Positive Information

Safety Net reserves the right to withdraw the service to organisations when it is not satisfied the organisation complies with the DBS Code of Conduct

Glossary of terms

Full information is available within our Safety Net DBS Disclosure Information Pack

Further guidance is available from the  DBS e-guide

Contact Liz at Safety Net’s DBS Disclosure Service or call 01273 414981