Families Team

Safety Net’s Families Team (used to be called FAMILY LINK ) has been supporting local  families for 9 years. We work closely with the local primary schools so that families can easily access our range of support services.

Meet the team:

Caroline Gorton  Families Team manager – Caroline.gorton@safety-net.org.uk

Shelley Wyatt Specialist Family Practitioner  – Shelley.wyatt@safety-net.org.uk

Annabelle Walker Specialist Family Practitioner  – Annabelle.walker@safety-net.org.uk

Suzy King Specialist Family Practitioner  – Suzy.King@safety-net.org.uk

Helen Clarke  specialist Family practitioner  Helen.clarke@safety-net.org.uk

Rachel Nahum Family Participation Worker – Rachel.nahum@safety-net.org.uk

Julie Stokes  Triple p Development Worker  - Julie.stokes@safety-net.org.uk


For futher details of all our services please give us a call or e mail us

Contact details: telephone 01273 419725

click here to download the Families Together leaflet.