Groups & Workshops for Parents/Families

A chance to get together with others, share ideas, learn new skills,  gain confidence & make friends.

Often run in schools, in partnership with school staff and  can be adapted to suit the needs of the group

For parents:


Managing Children’s behaviour – common problems and practical strategies, steps towards building more positive  family relationships.

  • Fighting and aggression – children’s squabbling and constant fighting ? Come and learn practical strategies to increase cooperation and manage angry outbursts.
  • Managing Stressful Situations – this workshop covers many parenting strategies to you can adapt to address your stressful times, help to plan ahead and take some of the stress out of being a parent.
  • Sleep and routines – how much sleep do children need and what gets in the way sleeping  ?  Information and practical strategies to help all the family get good night s sleep.
  • Raising resilient children – What does resilience mean ?  In this workshop we focus on key skills to increase resilience – managing feelings,  increasing optimism and contentment,  problem solving and developing coping skills
  • Transitions to independence:  Supports parents in getting children ready to make a positive move to secondary school. Information, ideas, preparing for the teenage years, building links with other parents and young people. (Children can attend parallel workshop SNAP )
  • Feeling Good Feeling Safe: 6 week course. A protective behaviours approach building confidence, resilience, keeping safe & developing networks of support.
  • Triple P Positive Parenting Programme: talks, workshops and courses. For more information go to Triple P or call 01273 411613

For parents and children together:

  • Family SEAL 6 week course. Social and emotional learning run in partnership with school
  • FAST  Families and Schools Together programme.
  • Family Art/Craft/ Cooking: Using practical activities to have fun, learn skills, spend quality time together & make friends in supportive atmosphere – for parents and children together.
  • Feeling Good Feeling Safe: 6 week course or 3 holiday sessions. – building confidence, resilience, keeping safe & developing networks of support using a protective behaviours approach.

Please ring us for dates of upcoming groups on 01273 419725 or 01273 411613

For Children and Young People

  • SNAP Safety Net Assertiveness Groups for children