Who we are

Keeping Children Safe is Everyone’s Responsibility

Safety Net was started on the Whitehawk Estate, Brighton in 1995 by local residents and workers, with the aim of preventing child abuse by involving the whole community in keeping children safe. The project started with a local campaign around child abuse prevention, but found that  a head-on approach was too unsafe for most parents, we then looked for a less threatening way of working, using the Protective Behaviours safety programme. We now take a broader view and think about how to prevent child abuse within the wider context of keeping children safe.

Our Vision is to build safer communities for children and young people, where all children, young people and families know that they have the right to feel safe, the responsibility to keep others safe and the support to reach their full potential.

Our Mission: To work with communities to improve the safety and well-being of children, young people and families, at home, school and in their neighbourhoods.

For more information see the Safety Net Leaflet.   For more information about our services go to What we do

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