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Meet the Team

Central Team

The Director- Terri Fletcher terri.fletcher@safety-net.org.uk
Office Manager – Frances Whittington frances.whittington@safety-net.org.uk
Finance Manager –  Anne Mari Barker-Davies  annemari@safety-net.org.uk
Fundraiser – Community and Events – Michelle Nippress   michelle.nippress@safety-net.org.uk
Fundraiser – Trusts and Grants – Caz O’Kane caz.okane@safety-net.org.uk

Children & Families Team

Children & Families Team Manager- Julie Stokes  julie.stokes@safety-net.org.uk

Childrens & Families Team Administrator – Nikki Pettit  nikki.pettit@safety-net.org.uk

Children & Young People’s workers

Katie Cotterell-Snow katie.cotterellsnow@safety-net.org.uk
Pippa Fairhead pippa.fairhead@safety-net.org.uk
Rachel Nahum rachel.nahum@safety-net.org.uk

Family Practitioners

Shelley Wyatt shelley.wyatt@safety-net.org.uk
Sarah Lovell  sarah.lovell@safety-net.org.uk
Jen Tulloch  jen.tulloch@safety-net.org.uk
Helen Clarke helen.clarke@safety-net.org.uk

Home Safety Co-ordinator

Eleanor Davies eleanor.davies@safety-net.org.uk

Training Team

Training Manager –  Lisa Matthew  lisa.matthew@safety-net.org.uk
Training Administrator – Clare Topa training@safety-net.org.uk
Protective Behaviours Trainer and Project Worker – Wendy Guest wendy.guest@safety-net.org.uk
DBS Co-ordinator – Anne Stafford dbs@safety-net.org.uk

Board of Trustees

Chair – Dave Ely
Treasurer – Bob Skinner
Company Secretary – Terri Fletcher


Brendan Ward
Jo Tulloch
Bob Phipps
Cindy Dubble
Viv Reynolds


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