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Children’s Stories

Children attending holiday activities

We are funded by Children in Need to provide holiday and out of school activities for children who have accessed other support from out services.  This helps them to build networks of new friends and try new things in a safe environment.

Molly* (12) had experienced bullying, had poor resilience, was isolated and struggled with friendships. Her teacher told us ‘Molly really lacks in confidence and would benefit from work around improving her assertiveness and social skills.’  Molly met six other girls at activities run by Safety Net during the holidays. Some girls from the group also came. Molly appeared more confident and got fully involved in all the activities. She was social and interacted well with the adults and other children.

Molly then joined the Children’s Advisory Group. She presented as happy and always gave her views. She was very kind to the other children, some of whom were younger than her.  Molly told us about the impact Safety Net had on her and the other girls in the group. She said they were all still close friends and regularly saw each other in and out of school.

Molly’s mum said:  ‘I cannot express my thanks to you all. Molly was a very depressed and unhappy child when she met you guys. Now she is a happy and outgoing child all the input you have given her and the days out have been invaluable to her and myself.

Molly was nominated for a Safety Net award at Christmas 2015. Along with nine other children she was invited to go ice skating and celebrate her achievements.

Nicki *was 8 and very isolated at school.  She lacked confidence, struggled with friendship and trying new things. She attended three summer activities, one in October and one at Christmas. Her mum said:

It has been wonderful for her to maintain her link with Safety Net. She’s had a pretty rocky half-term and also had a family bereavement in the summer that seems to be really affecting her. I think coming and doing a day with you all really helped. It’s also been great for her to do something on her own, without any of her usual friends – it seems to have given her a lot of confidence (she’s just signed up for a dance class at school that none of her classmates are doing, which is great).

Nicki said she now feels more confident in herself  ‘I did some activity days during the summer holidays. These were really fun! I met new people and did things like a cooking day and a drama workshop. These helped me to feel more confident and safe.’

Young People attending a Survivors’ Group

We had funding from Comic Relief to support young men and women aged 13 – 25 who had experienced or where at risk of sexual abuse and exploitation. This is an example of the type of risks that the young people had experienced.  Part to the work was about learning safer strategies to deal with these situations.

We went to the seafront and then we sat on the seafront for about half an hour and then some man tried to grab us and pull us under the pier. He was talking to himself. He was just staring at us, and we walked past him and then H started laughing, and he said ‘watch out’, and we gave him a look and then some guys had a go at him coz they overheard. So he went and stood under the pier, taking photos of me and H and videos, and these other men came and said ‘do you want us to walk you to the bus stop?’ and we were like ‘no we are fine’ because obviously they were strangers and they could have put us into their car or something…really they wanted us to go with them to a club thing, because they thought we were older than we look…but then this man…he grabbed me and said ‘come on you come with me’ and pointed to the pier, so me and H went to the bus stop and my auntie was there, so she sat with us on the bus, so we did find an adult that we knew.” (Ellie* aged 14)

*names have been changed