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NEW! E-Zine 3rd Edition – Sussing out School

Our 3rd E-zine Edition is out now! This new edition is all about sussing out school, what to expect in the new normal, and tips and techniques on how to cope with these changes. With September nearly here, our Children and Young Families Team have also dedicated a whole section to support those moving up to Secondary School. Please pass along to children, friends and family – the more children that have access to it, the better!

Young Safety Net E-Zine 2nd Edition out now

This edition focuses on ‘Making Sense of Missing Out’ and was produced by our team of young volunteers who are aged 8 – 11 with support from our children’s workers. Let us know your thoughts and ideas about the E-Zine by emailing our team schools@safety-net.org.uk And don’t forget to enter the competition for the chance to win some lovely art supplies. Young Safety Net E-Zine Issue 2 (Making sense of missing out)  

It’s Child Safety Week!

Child Safety Week is an annual community education campaign run by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT).  Safety Net is supporting the week by promoting their simple messages to help keep children safe.  Find their parent pack here with lots of information and tips. 7433_CAPT_CSW_2020_Parents_Pack

Launched – our new Safety Net E-Zine

We are pleased to share with you our new  e-zine Issue 1 – Worries  produced with the support of our team of young volunteers. They share with you some of the ways that they have been dealing with worries and keeping occupied during the Lockdown. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear from you. newsletter@safety-net.org.uk  

Online Safety – more important than ever

With more children and young people online at the moment during the Covid-19 crisis, it’s important not to forget about online safety as children may be particularly vulnerable at the moment. We have produced a tip sheet for parents and carers to help you keep your children safe Safety Net – keeping your kids safe online We also covered this topic in of one of our Safety Rocks newsletters, have a look on page 4. Online Safety Tips on page … Read more

More Tips and Ideas from our Staff to Help at Home

More tips and ideas from our staff, who are also at home with children, for keeping your family going during this time. • Shower/wash and get yourself ready before tackling the children’s timetables, breakfast etc. It’s a little step but might make you feel a little bit more ‘together’ and in control. It doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you’d be happy to answer the door in it! • Our cupboards might be a little sad looking at … Read more

News updates for children

Some parents may be struggling to keep kids from going outside, without frightening them with the full scale of the current crisis. (Friends yesterday described going on their quick walk, and finding themselves shrieking “stay away from that lady!” to really confused children). Children are also spending more time online at the moment and there is increasing concern about the ‘fake’ news and information that they may be coming across which might add to their anxiety. Here are a couple … Read more