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Child Advisory Group (CAG)

We are committed to macagking sure that children and young people are at the centre of everything that we do.  To help make this a reality, we routinely ask for feedback and consult with groups of children about what issues we should be working on and how we should do it.



Consultations have included:childrens advisory group

  • an online safety survey with primary schools
  • children’s wishes for a better world for all children
  • ways to stay safe in communities

We also run activities in the school holidays for children who have worked with Safety Net and as children are the experts on what other  children enjoy and find fun, we asked children who had already done some work with us to help with ideas and planning. Children who opt to join the Children’s Advisory Group are invited because they have already done some work around Protective Behaviours and feeling safe, like helping hands, early warning signs and risking on purpose so can help us to make sure that we are including these ideas when planning activities and events.

The CAG  meets regularly to:-

  • Help us decide what activities to run
  • Get children’s voice heard about how we can run them
  • Help with planning the activities

Members of the CAG also helped us plan and compere our 20th anniversary event and regularly sit on interview panels when we are recruiting new staff.