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Holiday and Activities Programme

After children have finished SNAP sessions, they told us that they can sometimes feel  worried that they wont be able to cope; or remember the strategies that we have taught them; or have someone to talk to.

To help with this we secured funding from Children iDSC00106n Need to run activities during the school holidays.  This helps to keep a connection to Safety Net, gives children the opportunity to try out the strategies that they have learned, like risking on purpose at an adventurous activity, and also meet new people and make friends.

Many of the children we see struggle with social skills and are referred to us for that very reason. The activity days have proved to be a way of improving and building on these skills.

Dan’s* Story

Dan (10) had just completed 1:1 support sessions with Safety Net because he was having trouble getting on with his peers and communicating with others.

Dan attended three activities with us over the Easter holidays. On each one  staff and volunteers said how well he got on with the other children, that he joined in the  activities, took turns, was polite and seemed to be having a wonderful time. Dan said he especially enjoyed the Wild Nature Day when he got to design and build a den with three other boys who also struggled with social skills at school. They all worked really well together. Dan told us he had enjoyed making new friends and trying new things like lighting a fire. He said the days had helped him improve his listening skills, working and talking with others.

Dan’s mum sent us an email to say what a difference the activities had made to D

It’s great to hear that Dan was a pleasure for you – it’s not something we hear very often because of his issues, but we know he can be a treasure, so it’s nice to hear someone else can see it! He really enjoyed all the activities and has already said he would love to join in with more of them in the summer. ‘

*Names have been changed

Who can join the activity programme?

Children aged between 8 and 13 who have previously worked with Safety Net are eligible to take part. Contact Katie Cotterell-Snow for more details on 01273 411613.