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Safety education workshops for whole classes

Our Safety Rocks education programme offers workshops for whole classes to support children with a range of safety issues.  These include:

Transition to Secondary School: A session looking at the challenges and opportunities children may face when moving up to secondary school.  We explore practical strategies to deal with common worries including: getting lost, the journey to school and making new friends.

Personal Safety: As children gain increasing independence, we help them to develop skills to keep themselves safe when out and about in the community and learn how to manage risks in a safe way.

Online Safety:  Technology is part of everyday life and children increasingly use and rely on it from an earlier age.  This session helps children to understand that the safety rules that apply in the real world also apply on line and enables them to identify where they may be vulnerable or at risk.

For more information or to book a workshop for your school, please contact the Children and Families Team on 01273 411613 or email info@safety-net.org.uk