Code Of Practice

By requesting DBS checks for staff and volunteers you must ensure that you:

  1. Comply with the DBS Code of Conduct
  2. Have a Policy for the Recruitment of Ex-offenders
  3. Have a Policy for the Secure Handling and Storage of Data

By carrying out a DBS check you are agreeing to comply with the DBS Code of Conduct. Any DBS applicant must be given a copy of the Code of Conduct if they request it. You can find it here : 

All organisations who request DBS checks for staff or volunteers must have a policy about employing people with criminal convictions. Information and a sample policy can be found on the DBS website. 

Applicants should be reassured that a criminal record will not necessarily stop them gaining a position. Disclosure information must be used fairly.

A DBS application form and the DBS certificate contain lots of personal information so must be handled and stored securely. An example of a Policy Statement on the Secure Storage, Handling, Use, Retention and Disposal of Disclosures and Disclosure Information can be viewed or downloaded at:

All applicants must be able to see a Policy for your organisation when they request it.

The DBS can refuse to issue a Disclosure if it believes that the Code of Practice has not been followed.

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