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Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme)

Triple P stands for Positive Parenting Programme. It offers practical parenting strategies that have been proven to work and there have been many studies that show taking part in a Triple P course benefits both  parents and children. It began in Australia and because it was a success, has been rolled out to other countries worldwide. http://www.triplep.net/

Triple P offers different levels of support to suit parents with children of all ages and needs.

Parenting Talks

A series of  90 minute talks giving you practical ideas to increase your understanding and confidence as a parent.

Parenting Workshops

On specific topics for example; managing behaviour, fighting and aggression, stressful situations)  these can be run in schools or community settings

Triple P Course – what happens on a course?

  • 8 weeks with 4 x 2 hour weekly sessions, followed by 3 weeks of telephone support and then a final session
  • Each week involves video, workbook exercises and lots of  participation, sharing dilemmas and trying out ideas.
  • There will also be homework tasks to help you practise at home the things you learn during the group
  • There is a different course for parents of younger children or parents of teenagers – choose the right course for you

How do I get on a course?

Please ring Julie at Safety Net on 01273 411613 or go  this page on the Brighton and Hove Council website for latest courses

Individual Triple P – a programme delivered at home for families who are unable to attend a course (referral only)

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