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Triple P – for businesses who invest in their staff

The Triple P team at Safety Net offer a bespoke service for businesses to provide parenting support for their staff.  90% of working parents report balancing work and family is stressful .  Some effects of this in the workplace may be:

  • Occupational stress and burnout
  • Lower job satisfaction
  • Higher turnover of staff
  • Lower organisation commitment

Triple P Parenting support has been shown statistically to reduce stress and depression.  Businesses find that a Triple P course complements their commitment to staff welfare in the workplace and helps them to meaningfully fulfill their corporate social responsibility.

As part of our service, we would come and meet with you to discuss your company’s requirements and work flexibly with you to meet your needs.  We offer a range of services (see below) and an experienced, accredited facilitator to plan and execute your needs.


FREE 1 hour taster session for yourselves and your staff.

1.5 hour seminars – can be offered over a lunch break.

5 week 2 hourly courses – can be provided during the day or evening.

2 day work-based training.

1:1 individual work

Please contact Helen or Julie on 01273 411613  for more information.

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