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More Tips and Ideas from our Staff to Help at Home

More tips and ideas from our staff, who are also at home with children, for keeping your
family going during this time.

• Shower/wash and get yourself ready before tackling the children’s timetables, breakfast
etc. It’s a little step but might make you feel a little bit more ‘together’ and in control. It
doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you’d be happy to answer the door in it!

• Our cupboards might be a little sad looking at the moment, but it’s important to have
some kind of regular ‘meals’ especially a decent breakfast from whatever food you have.
The day’s news and events might make you feel anxious and reduce appetite later. Then
you’re running on adrenaline only – creating the feeling of anxiety – vicious cycle.

• We normally get frustrated with our children stuck to their screens. If you know they’re
playing a game, rather than obsessively refreshing social media, news or other
potentially tricky sites, this is not necessarily a bad thing at the moment. Mind, the
mental health charity, remind us that to reduce anxiety, it is good to really distract and
absorb yourself in something away from your source of worry. That’s what video games
can be good for. Just check they’re not high pressure super violent games! You could
even try playing yourself or finding your own game / quiz / puzzles. When do we usually
have time to do this? It is can be a form of mindfulness to just play for the sake of
distraction. Try these suggestions from Mind: https://www.mind.org.uk/need-urgenthelp/how-can-i-distract-myself/games-and-puzzles/

• Sometimes we just wish we were somewhere else of course. Pick your destination on
Google Earth, take your time zooming and exploring – with or without the children! The
more tech savvy might be able to spot some hidden navigation games within.

• Culture lovers dreaming of a sophisticated city break can explore the worlds art galleries
and museums via the galley’s own websites, or start with artsandculture.google.com

• Nature is a constant, throughout any human problems. Watching freewheeling seagulls
and hearing the first bees of spring can be reassuring and calming. If you have no
outside space at home, find ways of bringing nature in. Make a Pinterest mood board of
your dream garden, forest, or lakeside lodge. Watch nature documentaries, give your
houseplants some TLC. I’ve been loving the images of animals free to roam around their
temporarily human-free zoos and aquariums, particularly these penguins in a Chicago
aquarium: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVfTGFBJ8a8

• Pick a zoo in a country anywhere and check out their live streaming!

• Or perhaps you’re just missing the beauty on our own doorstep – South Downs National
Park are hoping to bring some live streaming and other opportunities to enjoy our
county online soon. Keep an eye on their website/social media.

• Many artists, performers, musicians and actors are devising ways to stream
entertainment directly to us. Loads of performances will be coming online over this
period. Keep an eye on the BBCs ‘Culture in Quarantine’ and YouTube announcements.