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News updates for children

Some parents may be struggling to keep kids from going outside, without frightening them with the full scale of the current crisis. (Friends yesterday described going on their quick walk, and finding themselves shrieking “stay away from that lady!” to really confused children). Children are also spending more time online at the moment and there is increasing concern about the ‘fake’ news and information that they may be coming across which might add to their anxiety.

Here are a couple of reliable and child friendly sources of information which can be usefully used to keep children updated.

First News is an amazing younger kids newspaper, its really clear and informative and reasonably priced. At the moment, they are offering content FREE during school closures. https://www.firstnews.co.uk/. The headlines usually find a way to put a forward thinking spin on news, for example the current one is “The Fight Back” and is a feature about the research going into testing and curing the virus etc.

Newsround appeals to a wider age range, and covers news as well as tips for surviving isolation, schooling at home, managing anxiety, missing grandparents etc https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround