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Online Safety – more important than ever

With more children and young people online at the moment during the Covid-19 crisis, it’s important not to forget about online safety as children may be particularly vulnerable at the moment. We have produced a tip sheet for parents and carers to help you keep your children safe Safety Net – keeping your kids safe online

We also covered this topic in of one of our Safety Rocks newsletters, have a look on page 4.

Online Safety Tips on page 4

Online Safety Tips

The NSPCC also has lots of useful information and advice for parents/carers about online safety
NSPCC advice and information about online safety

Thinkuknow have produced some useful Home Activity Packs for parents and carers to help you think about online safety with your children while on lockdown
Thinkuknow worksheets for parents/carers

Here is another useful link for parents and carers on the Houseparty App that is hugely popular with children and young people right now. Make sure you know the risks and how to make sure your children are safer online when using it.
How Safe is Houseparty?