Sponsored cyber silence

Sponsored cyber silence

The advance of technology has changed the world and how we interact with each other but can you remember choosing to live and be connected like this?

Following on from our online safety conference we challenged people to think about their use of technology and to take back some control.

During July we invited friends, family, class mates, teachers, colleagues and anyone else to take part in the challenge – we had some great examples including; no work emails at home, social media free evenings, turning off all devices at 8 pm, going Minecraft free for a month.  One young participant took part in a radio interview with Brighton’s Juice FM talking about his experience.

The aim was to raise awareness of how much we all depend on technology in our lives and how it can get in the way of communication and connection.    If you would like to book an online safety training or workshop please email [email protected] or telephone 01273 420973.

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