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‘Feeling Good, Feeling Safe’ programme for schools

Helping primary aged children to feel and stay safe

‘Feeling Good, Feeling Safe’ is a whole school approach to preventing violence and abuse supports pupils from Reception to Year 6 to learn the skills to keep themselves feeling safe and ensure they can get help if they need it. It is based on Protective Behaviours, an evidence based programme and its two core themes.

The resource when delivered will help schools to demonstrate how they meet the Ofsted requirements around Keeping Children Safe  and can be delivered as part of a school’s planned programme of PSHE education.

What does the Programme Include?

  1. Lesson plans for each year group from Reception to year 6:
  2. Ideas for reinforcing the principles and language of Protective Behaviours across the whole school setting
  3. involving parents and carers in reinforcing safety messages for children

what do schools think of the pack?

“The Protective Behaviour’s approach has been extremely beneficial to our school. The training and planning booklets have enabled us to raise confidence within our staff team in talking to children about protecting themselves and recognising and understanding their feelings.”

(Head teacher)

For more information about the Feeling Good, Feeling Safe programme and the support and training available to help you implement the programme in your school please download our information sheet Feeling Good Feeling Safe Flyer

Strength Cards

Safety Net is pleased to launch a new resource, the Safety Net strength cards which have been developed from our resilience building work with children in primary schools.  We wanted to produce cards that were bright and colourful and would appeal to children, so who better to ask to draw the images than children themselves.  There are 36 laminated, coloured cards representing strengths that children chose to describe the attributes and qualities that they felt good, confident and proud of in themselves.  The cards can be used for 1:1 and group work.  The pack costs £20 (postage included).  Please download an order form here Order Form