Bullying Prevention – Playground & Friendships

Playground Buddies and Peer Mediators

We run two different schemes for primary and secondary schools to help prevent bullying and disputes and promote safer breaktimes.

Who are Playground Buddies?

Playground Buddies are primary aged children who help other children in the playground who might have been bullied, or are feeling left out of games or activities. We have delivered buddy training in over 34 primary schools across Brighton and Hove.

Who are Peer Mediators?

Peer mediators are young people aged 11-16 who are selected and trained in mediation skills to resolve low-level disputes at their school. Pupils are taught Protective Behaviours and problem solving techniques to help their peers reach a peaceful resolution. Peer Mediators at a local secondary school were involved in helping our staff to create an assembly about online safety which was used during anti-bullying week and Safer Internet Day.

How do the schemes work?

The schemes help to resolve low level disputes which if left could lead to more serious incidents or persistent bullying.

We provide training for children and young people to give them the skills for the job. We also provide training for staff on how to recruit children, and deliver and maintain a playground buddy or peer mediator scheme in their school.

A quarterly forum is offered to Playground Buddies and staff to get together and share ideas about running the best scheme possible. There is also a quarterly newsletter which comes out of a consultation held during the forum.

How do the schemes help schools?

The Playground Buddy training has been delivered really efficiently and the ongoing support has always been flexible and tailored to our needs. Communication with Safety Net has also been excellent, frequently offering us the opportunity to take part in initiatives within the local community and other schools.

John Playground buddy co-ordinator

Thank you. Among other things the pupils have been made to feel very important and valued.

Secondary school tutor

“I have learnt that you need to stay calm throughout the mediation meeting. Also, you need to give options instead of just saying what you think.”

Peer Mediator

More Information

For more information about Playground Buddies or Peer mediators or for a quote for out of area training please contact us 01273 411613 [email protected]

Parents and children can go to the www.safetynetkids.org.uk website to find out more

I have chosen to support Safety Net, as the work done by the staff really does inspire and help to keep so many children safe across Brighton and Hove. The work they do within the local community is amazing, and this is really helping to build a safer community for children and young people!

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