Individual & Small Group Support SNAP & BRAVE

SNAP (Safety Net Assertiveness Programme)

SNAP offers small group or 1:1 support to children and young people who are vulnerable or at risk and who would benefit from some empowerment coaching.

The aim is to increase children’s confidence, self-esteem and resilience and improve their ability to communicate assertively and deal with conflict. They are taught strategies to self-calm, as well as how to behave assertively in situations they find challenging.

The programme includes up to six sessions which are tailored towards the needs of the individual child or young person and are facilitated by experienced Safety Net staff. The sessions are based on a personal safety programme called Protective Behaviours and delivered through art activities, games, mindfulness and conversations.

Who can be referred?

Children and young people aged 8 – 14 can be referred to us for a range of issues which could include: support with transition to secondary school, bullying behaviour and friendship issues, isolation, anxiety and low self-esteem, difficulties managing their feelings and behaviour. We would then assess with you whether the programme would be best delivered as group or individual work.

How SNAP has helped

“J started off at school a bit shaky, but she is much happier, it’s such a relief. She is not sitting with that group of girls and is forming other friendships, which is great. There were a couple of minor beginning of things in the playground, but J felt she could use her new skills and was fine about it and they left her alone”


“It helped me to gain confidence, understand my feelings better and to have someone to talk to.”

Safety Net has really helped my family and me because we have done SNAP at school, and at home. It has helped my relationship with my friends and with my family. I am not as shy and nervous as I used to be and I have made five new friends

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