Ongoing Support

Activities Project

We created the Activities Project in response to children telling us that they sometimes found it tricky to remember coping strategies and to feel self-confident after they have finished our intervention in school.

The project gives children a safe & nurturing space to build on what they have learnt during SNAP & BRAVE , as well as the opportunity to stay connected to Safety Net.

Each activity is planned with Safety Net strategies in mind and helps children to: 

  •      Feel more confident about talking to other children
  •     Try new things
  •      Feel proud of themselves
  •      Make new friends

Sometimes these activities might be creative, like pottery making or 3D pen workshops, which gives children the opportunity to talk to other children in a quieter space or try something new.

Other activities may involve getting children out of their comfort zones and risking on purpose; activities such as Stand Up Paddle Boarding or ice skating.

We have been fortunate to work with Hove Park Tennis Club who have provided coaching sessions to small groups in the spring and summer terms.

Safety Net staff and volunteers support children throughout all of our activities to ensure that they can take part in a way which feels comfortable to them.

Who is it for?

Our Activities Project works with children who have taken part in our SNAP or BRAVE interventions. Parents are contacted by Safety Net when these are taking place.

When does it happen?

When we have funding, we run activities in the school holidays and sometimes after school. Occasionally we have an activity or two on a weekend.

Child, aged 10

“The thing I’ve done that I’m most proud of today is speaking confidently. Nothing could make this day better than it is!” 

Also available…

We also run a Young Volunteer Project

If you’re a child interested in what we do on the Activities Project, please head to our children’s website  MySafetyNet 

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